How to earn from the stock market. By just investing.


Hello friends here I am going to share you some tips about how to earn from the stock market. You just need to think and follow up those steps if you seriously want to start earning from the share market. Okay I consider that you have all the mindset of share market, I mean that I consider that you peoples knows the basics of share market. Or if you don’t know about it just ready out the previous article. Want to invest in Stock market? Read out How to invest in stock market..

So lets start the process.

Here are some tips for earning from the stock market.

stock market

Firstly you need to know all the basic Idea of stock market and you need the thinking accordingly. So here is first step.

1. Think before do

This is the first step of earning money from the stock market. And this thing I have mentioned as a first step which is thinking, You need to think before invest in stock market. Yes you get the first step but it is not over yet. The point is what to think before investing, You have to think lots of things before you invest in stock market like, In which share you have to invest and it will totally depend upon its past history. So think well before investing in any share.

2. Find out the broker.

Here comes with another step, you absolutely know that we cant buy the share directly. We need a broker to buy the shares. The broker is the person who helps us to buy the share that means the share where we want to invest. As well as if you need to sell the share you must need the broker. Means broker is important while sharing and buying the shares.

3. Create a Demat account

Yes you need to create a demat account, If you don’t know about it I will tell you don’t worry. So demat account is a account just similar to a bank account not much okay. and which holds all our purchased share with security. So you must need to create demat account to store your electronic currency or we can say share. So just go with creating the demat account.

4. How to invest or sell.

This is the final step of how to invest in stock market, So you just need a idea that it will be profitable while selling and buying. Just read carefully the following lines.

  1. Firstly we all have the common sense of selling our shares. And absolutely we will not sell it in cheaper than we before bought. we all can understand that we have to sell it like it will be profitable for us.
  2. Before buying must consider the rate of share you are buying and its past history too. After considering totally and thinking according to your mind just buy the shares. These are two basic things of investing in share market.

so friends this was about how to invest in share market and earn money from it. Must read this article and share it with someone who needs it and also want to earn money from the share market. Thank u.. 🙂


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