iPhone 11 pro vs. iPhone XS camera comparison

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Hello everyone as we know the iPhone 11 series has been released and everyone who has money is being crazy to buy the iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 pro max. And everyone is dreaming to buy it so here I am going to describe the comparison of camera of iPhone 11 pro vs. the old version which is iPhone XS. So must read out the full post to get the knowledge of it. In the event when iPhone 11 pro was releasing they was told about the “Deep Fusion” of iPhone 11. I have described in detailed about deep fusion in previous article. So I will describe a little intro about deep fusion mode here. The deep fusion is the mode which works automatically whenever needed. In the sense, It adjusts the modes like if you are in the indoor location where there is less light, So there will be the need of light to get the best picture quality. The deep fusion mode make it automatically means whatever required in the picture it fills it. So it was about deep fusion mode which is making peoples crazy. So lets start the comparison.

Comparison of iPhone 11 pro vs. iPhone XS.

iPhone 11 pro have a 3 rear cameras which is the updated and visible quality of the iPhone 11  it have a night mode and also the front camera which is obviously for the selfies. This quality of an iPhone 11 makes it the reason to buy. As iPhone 11 is the updated version of iPhone XS we got the idea that it must have the extra and better feature then iPhone XS. The iPhone 11 has more beautiful features also excluding its camera quality. But most peoples see the camera first so we are comparing here the only camera.

iPhone 11 pro have the new ultrawide-angle camera which is even crazy than much things in it.

I mean to say that iPhone 11 pro have a ultrawide-angle camera which we can say that the rear camera. Is a adorable, means in the iPhone XS there was a two camera as rear, but in iPhone 11 pro there is three cameras. The new camera we can say the third camera which is newly added in iPhone 11 pro has ultrawide 13mm equivalent lens which makes us crazy to use the camera. It is a huge technology used in the cameras which puts the photography by phone at another level. So as per my comparison when I compared iPhone 11 pro camera with iPhone XS I am still in love with the new iPhone 11 pro’s camera. Because its a next level technology, when I clicked a picture on iPhone 11 pro and I am just loving the feature of its different modes like smart HDR which is by default in it. And it make me addicted to take the pictures again and again. And as per my view and based on the review of some popular sites, I found the iPhone 11 pro’s camera best than others.

So friends here was the all comparison about the iPhone 11 pro I have experienced. Hope that you liked it and if you have any suggestion must comment below and don’t forget to share with someone who needs it. Good day. 🙂


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