OnePlus 7T phone got the huge response after launching. and little review of the product

OnePlus 7T launching

OnePlus 7T has been released recently and it registered sales of 500 crores in two days after OnePlus 7T launching. During amazon great Indian festival sale. Into the sale the lots of phones launched and the sale was going so far. But the OnePlus 7T got the huge response in the sell, There was the sale of 500 cores in just two days off sale. OnePlus 7T is the phone launched after the OnePlus 7 as its upgrade, Peoples are loving the product and OnePlus phone has its different fan base. So friends here I am going to share some unknown facts and the review of the OnePlus 7T which is released recently. The OnePlus has launched OnePlus 7T and the Smart HQ TV at a same day and both getting the amazing response on the amazon great Indian sale. OnePlus 7T is getting the huge response and peoples are loving it.

OnePlus 7T review and some unknown facts.

OnePlus 7T is a upgraded version of OnePlus 7 and downgraded version of OnePlus 7T pro, It is a amazing quality handset in much cheap price. Peoples are getting crazy to buy it. The phone has 6.55-inch screen and the screen has 90Hz refresh rate. As iPhone 11 pro has a triangular rear camera, OnePlus 7T also have the same pattern with rear camera but its a circular not exactly same as the iPhone 11’s. This is an amazing phone if you like  OnePlus there will be no better choice than this. If we talk about its camera, The new generation of the photography into the phone. If you take a experience of the camera do comment below and give me the review because its awesome. And I forget the main thing to tell you about the phone is its price, So the phone is selling from the RS 37999 in India. The phone is just good at its place. The oneplus 7T phone looks much classy than oneplus 7, both look much same but the every bit of the new phone is redesigned and it makes the phone look more classy.

Facts about OnePlus 7T.

So firstly I have told you about the great Indian festival sale, the OnePlus 7T has the one of the most biggest sale of RS 500 crore sale into the India after product launch. The phone becomes much popular and the one of the most reason of becoming popular is its rear camera, which brings us to the another place of the photography. OnePlus 7T has an octa-core Snapdragon chipset with a base frequency of 1.78 GHz which makes it too fast and a very much good to play the games with high graphics. So this phone can be use for the gaming purpose with an outstanding result. So friends here was some facts about OnePlus 7T with its amazing feature must share the post if you like. And stay tuned with the blog because the next posts are much exciting and much more good you can be read those too. And if you are a technology lover you will surely like our most of the posts. So stay tuned must comment any suggestion have a good day. 🙂


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